Monday, November 16, 2009

101 Uses for Customized Dogtags

I was very excited recently when Matt from contacted me about the possibility of customized dog tags as stocking stuffers. He kindly offered to send me a sample to evaluate, which just arrived the other day. And they were just as much fun as they looked like they would be!

The reason I am so excited about these dogtags is that I can think of a zillion uses for them, as stocking stuffers and otherwise! Here is the sample I chose for myself:

Now, this may seem strange, but if you've seen Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog, you'll get the reference. Neil Patrick Harris plays Billy, an aspiring evil supergenius trying to get into the Evil League of Evil, and also trying to get the girl, Penny (played by Felicia Day of The Guild). Nathan Fillion, of Firefly and Castle, plays Captain Hammer, the supposed hero who may not be as heroic as he seems. The entire 45 minutes is done as a musical, and Neil Patrick Harris in particular can really sing!

Anyway, for our annual New Year's Eve party this year, my husband and I decided we would have a Dr. Horrible-themed party, consisting of open auditions to the Evil League of Evil! Champagne served in test tubes, mad scientist decorations, and glowing green things everywhere. And maybe we'll use these souvenir dogtags as prizes for the best supervillain costumes!

So just think of what else you could do with these:

  • I FIGHT FOR TEAM JACOB or I FIGHT FOR TEAM EDWARD dogtags for your Twilight-crazed teen or 'tween

  • Re-usable family gift tags, one for each family member

  • Souvenir gift tags for a baby gift, noting the baby's name, date and time of birth, and weight. Silver dog tags would look right in place on a baby blue or baby pink package with a silver bow!

  • Birthday party favors

  • AMANDA'S BEST FRIEND and JENNIFER'S BEST FRIEND -- in other words, best friend tags to give to your daughter and her best friend!

Part of the fun is that you design the dogtags yourself right on the website, choosing the text, style of the dogtag (there are even brass and copper ones), color of the "silencer" (the elastic rubber that fits around the edge to reduce jangling), a long or short chain, and optional gift/storage pouches. The dogtags come in sets of 2 for $7.99, and the two tags can be completely different! The tags ship from Toronto, Canada, and shipping for any number of tags to the U.S. is extremely reasonable.

Last but not least, you might also want to check out the survival gadgets under the "Extras" drop-down menu, for a number of other items that might make useful stocking stuffers. My favorite is the lightweight aluminum howler whistle, a great emergency whistle especially for women.

What: Customized Dogtags
How much (as of today's post): $7.99 for two (plus shipping)


Mina said...

these are fabulous, I love the way you could get a message printed on them...great
Mina xxx

Unknown said...

I've been looking for a good dog tag company where there is a good selection and the choices are clear and well illustrated. Thanks!