Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Daily Extra / Follow-up: Bananagrams

Way back in December, I posted about the Bananagrams game that I'd seen all over the place for last Christmas season: in Hallmark card stores, in department stores, in this little game kiosks they set up in the mall.... Well, now that I've actually played it a few times, I wanted to mention it again because it really is a very fun game! My husband and I went to the World Science Fiction Convention in Montreal back in August, and the hotel we were staying in gave us so many Happy Hour free drink coupons that we could have spent the entire trip tipsy. Instead, we invited our friends who were in other hotels to come over for Happy Hour. One of them brought Bananagrams, and because it requires no pencils, no paper, no nothin', we played right there in the bar while drinking wine and munching on cheese and crackers.

Lots and lots of fun. I definitely recommend playing with at least three people, though. You can play with two, but it's just not as fun.

I've also noticed that there are imitators waiting in the wings for this Christmas season -- at least two games in little apple-shaped pouches (Appletters and Scrabble Apple), and even a green pear-shaped game called Pairs in Pears! Me, I think I'll stick with the bananas for a while.

I won't bother listing where to buy this, because you're going to see it everywhere this holiday season. I even saw a Spanish version on Amazon!

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ihchicky said...

Great post. I'm happy to see people talking about bananagrams! It is one of mine and my mother-in-laws favorites!