Saturday, September 12, 2009

Nostalgic Items from Ebay

When my baby sister got married a few years back (and yes, my baby sister getting married made me feel old!), the bridal shower was for general gifts but there was also a "wishing well" (a big garbage can) that we filled with small kitchen items. I decided to go on ebay and see if I could find a duplicate set of the red Tupperware cookie cutters that had been in our family for at least a couple of decades. And there they were! I couldn't believe how easy it was. There was the Christmas tree, the Halloween pumpkin, the Thanksgiving turkey, the gingerbread boy, the pig that looked like Porky Pig (I have no idea what occasion that one was for), the Easter bunny (that we thought looked an awful lot like the Playboy bunny!), and the birthday cake.

In fact, I just looked, and the same set is on ebay again right now for all of $5.99! Looking at the photo (shown above) just brings me right back to my childhood!

The point is, if there is something from your childhood that you've long since lost or given away, or if your husband talks wistfully of his favorite pirate Weeble from his childhood, or if there's some favorite book or Barbie doll or Honey Hill Bunch doll that you remember, well, chances are you can find it on ebay! And lots of such vintage, nostalgic items will be perfect for a really unique stocking stuffer or other small gift. Just remember to shop around a little and don't bid outrageous amounts for the first item you see. And remember to check the seller's ratings to make sure he or she is reliable.

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