Sunday, September 13, 2009

Lauren Alexander Stickers

Because most items on Etsy are handmade (although they also sell vintage items and crafting supplies), some people tend to assume that everything on there is very expensive. Not so! There are lots of bargains to be found on Etsy, and the gift recipient will also see that you didn't run out to the drugstore at the last minute to stuff the Christmas stockings!

Today's Etsy stocking stuffer is this set of lovely stickers from seller Lauren Alexander. As you can see from her selection of art prints, note cards, and pendants, Lauren's style is sweet, colorful, and luminous. Both her art pendants and her set of 15 stickers would make perfect stocking stuffers. I especially love the stickers because I remember that when I was a kid I adored stickers. As an adult, I still use them to adorn the envelopes when I send the occasional note card (something we need to do more often, I think -- e-cards just aren't the same!). There are several sets of stickers to choose from, and I would be hard-pressed to choose -- just look at those sweet faces! Don't forget to look at the pendants and note cards in particular, which along with the stickers would make up a lovely gift set. (In fact, Lauren does have a gift set made up of different items!)

What: Lauren Alexander Stickers
Where: Lauren Alexander (an Etsy shop)
How much (as of today's post): $8.00 (plus shipping)

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Yummy Pears said...

These are so cute! I got some for stockings - OK, I got them for me.