Saturday, July 25, 2009

Printable Gift Boxes from "Don't Eat the Paste" Blog

In my opinion, the best way to write a good blog is to read a lot of other blogs. That means exploring constantly to see what's out there, and trust me, you'll discover wonderful things! One of the nicest things about the blogosphere is that so many creative people are willing to share. Sometimes they're sharing ideas, but lots of bloggers even share their creations for free, like Shala from Alaska, who shares beadwork patterns on her Shala's Beadwork site, and downloadable, printable gift boxes on her Don't Eat the Paste blog.

From a Christmas stocking perspective, Don't Eat the Paste is an absolute treasure trove! Shala has three pages of every occasion gift boxes, a page of printable cards, a page of gift bag shaped boxes, and my favorite, the page of holiday gift boxes. Most of the standard box patterns make 2.25 inch cubes -- the perfect size for stockings! They're intended to be printed in color on cardstock; then you cut and fold, then presto! Naturally, since they're made of cardstock, they're not indestructable, but if you put them at the top of the stocking, just peeking over the edge, they should be fine with a little treat or small gift inside.

There are designs suitable for everyone, like the yummy peppermint pattern shown above. There are even boxes that would be especially wonderful for boys or men, like the dreamy winterland fox shown right. Take your time looking around the site -- there are cone-shaped ornament boxes that can be filled with treats and placed on the Christmas tree, boxes designed especially to hold earrings, boxes meant for tea.... And make sure to bookmark the page to come back, because there are adorable Halloween and Easter designs too!

Special thanks to Shala for allowing me to post about her lovely work. Please note that the images shown here and on her site are copyrighted and cannot be reposted without permission, or used for commercial purposes. If you use Shala's work, please also consider making a small donation to help her support her websites -- it's not required, but there's a convenient Paypal donation button on the website.

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