Friday, July 24, 2009

Stargate Replica Coasters

I have to watch out that I don't start over relying on Think Geek for my stocking stuffer ideas, but 1) they have such fun stuff, and 2) the minute I saw these Stargate coasters I knew I had to post about them. At $29.99, they're way more expensive than I would like for a set of four coasters, which means I have to list them on a "Luxury Friday," but they are such perfectly detailed replicas that any Stargate fan would go nuts for them. The product description notes that the coasters have felt on the bottom to prevent table scratches, they measure 4.57" in diameter (which is awfully geeky in its precision!), and they do not actually create wormholes, which is good to know.

In fact, these coasters are so perfect for science fiction fans that I created a new stocking stuffer category in honor of them: "for sci-fi geeks". I already had a category "for computer geeks", but I can't assume that all computer folks like science fiction too, although I know there is a lot of overlap. I've also gone back and added the "sci-fi geeks" label to all of my previous posts to which I think it's applicable.

I haven't watched the Stargate shows yet myself, in part because I was turned off by the original feature film, but my husband and I do plan to play the DVD catch-up game one of these days. That's how we watched all of Buffy and Angel. And when we do get around to Stargate, I know I'm going to want these coasters!

What: Stargate Replica Coasters
Where: Think Geek website
How much (as of today's post): $29.99

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Rebecca Ednie said...

Hi Amy, CASE stands for Copy and Steal/Share Everything. The original was Steal but both the CASE ers and the CASE ees felt it sounded too harsh. It usually means your card/page/project/element so closely resembles someone else's work that you feel credit is due. It is not necessary when you are simply inspired by someone's work. It is a courtesy, better to acknowledge the contribution of someone elses idea even if you can't remember the creators name. Otherwise you could be accused of trying to pass their work on as yours. Even the most closely CASEd card is generally different in some way so be proud of it as your own too. Everyone gets inspiration from somewhere even if the don't realize it.