Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Oxo Mini Angled Measuring "Cup"

I picked up one of these handy little things from Bed Bath and Beyond the other day. It's a measuring "cup" in a way, but it actually is for measuring very small amounts of liquids, so it's more like a measuring spoon in cup form. What's neat is that the cup is angled and as you pour liquids in, you can see from looking down into the inside how much you have in there -- no more stooping to try to look at eye level on the counter while you pour. This also has the advantage over traditional spoons that you're not likely to dump too much into your pot or pan, especially things like oil. If you pour too much, you can pour in back where it came from with the easy pour spout.

This cup also has four different units of measure. On the inside are listed tablespoons and ounces, and the outside you can see milliliters (up to 60) and cups (up to 1/4).

Both Amazon and Cooking.com sell these in sets of three for $9.99, but both are out of stock. (Surely they'll be back in time for Christmas, though!) They are still on the shelf as singles at Bed Bath and Beyond, but annoyingly, I have misplaced my receipt and can't quote the exact price. I do remember having to ask the price at the register and being happy with it. I think it was something like $3.98.

When I bought this, I was also buying a set of 3 much larger versions, the largest measuring up to four cups. This set was to replace the Pyrex measuring cup I'd managed to smash by accident last week. That's another advantage here -- it's acrylic, so you can't smash it! This is also a possibility for a paired gift: the cute little spoon-sized "cup" in the stocking, with the boxed set of three different size measuring cups under the tree. (Maybe I'm the only one who likes getting kitchen gadgets and utensils in my stocking, though. Am I?)

What: Oxo Mini Angled Measuring "Cup"
Where: Bed Bath & Beyond, Amazon, Target, etc.
How much (as of today's post): $3.33-3.98

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