Saturday, February 28, 2009

Animal-Themed Stocking: Owls!

Themed stockings are always fun, and you can tailor them to the individual, especially if that person is a collector. For instance, I've known a person who collected bees, another who collects cows, one who collects dragonflies, and another who collects frogs. So I thought I'd "virtually" put together a themed stocking for owls, because I've always found them sort of mysterious, and because after the Harry Potter books and movies, I'd love to have one of my own to bring me mail!

Nowadays, the natural place for me to start looking for any given gift item is Etsy. If you go there and search on owls, you get lots of results, including this owl tile pendant from Etsy seller HomeStudio. She actually has ten different owl tile pendants, so clearly I'm not the only one who likes owls! This pendant is $7.95 plus shipping.

Also on Esty is this lovely set of one-inch autumn images that can be made into your choice of magnets, pinback buttons, zipper pulls, or thumbtacks/pushpins. These are from seller ButtonDivas, and are only $6.85 plus shipping for the set.

Moving away from Etsy (although honestly, I could stay there all day!), you'll find that small owl-inspired items are everywhere once you start looking for them. For instance, this wood mama and baby owl set comes from Germany, and can be purchased through the Animal Rescue Site store for $21.95 plus shipping. I love the way they fit together, and I like that the description says that the wood used by the German woodworking company, Finkbeiner, comes from mostly-downed trees. And bonus: with each purchase of this item, the Animal Rescue site will fund 28 bowls of food for animals living in santuaries and shelters.

If you want to go with soft and cuddly, a plush owl would work nicely. This particular Plush Snowy Owl Audubon Bird 6 is available on Amazon, but you can also surely find small plush owls in greeting card stores and such.

Is that enough? If not, has a set of owl rubber stamps and an Owl and the Pussycat music box -- which of course brings to mind a board book of the same title. I found an owl clip watch on eBay, and also came across an owl brooch with Swarovski crystals and two freshwater pearls that's surprisingly affordable at $9.99. Don't forget that Google is your friend, and you can find all manner of owl items. If you're really ambitious and/or crafty, you could even try to find an owl Christmas stocking. Surely one exists somewhere, right?

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