Sunday, March 1, 2009

Personalized Rocket Woman Note Cards

Although I love the internet and spend a good portion of every day on it, I miss the days when snail mail was a normal thing, and we actually got letters once in a while rather than just bills and advertisements. Nowadays, presonal correspondence seems relegated to just the holidays, which is a shame because it's such a pleasure to get an actual letter. If you miss that too, then do something about it by sending your friends and family the occasional letter or card "just because."

You can also give note cards as a gift, and it's even better yet if they're personalized, like these rocket woman note cards from Esty seller Farouche. I spend a lot of time at science fiction and writing conferences and conventions, and I know at least a dozen women off the top of my head who would love these note cards. They're also perfect for that teen girl who's starting to read science fiction and fantasy, and who may just be a future astronaut! Don't you just love the "Saving one galaxy at a time" tagline?

The Farouche shop also has other personalized note cards, such as this vintage typewriter, which is perfect for the writer in your life. To sort for personalized items, simply enter the word "personalized" in the search box at the top of the shop. But do remember to look at the rest of the shop too -- there are also beautiful gift tags, prints suitable for framing and hanging, and more.

What: Personalized Rocket Woman Note cards
Where: Farouche (an Etsy shop)
How much (as of today's post):
$25.00 (plus shipping)

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