Saturday, January 17, 2009

Stocking Stuffers from The Animal Rescue Site

It always makes me feel good when I know that a purchase I've made, or a gift I've given, has also benefited somebody else. In a previous post, I wrote about Ten Thousand Villages, which operates on a nonprofit basis to bring handcrafted items to the United States and Canada, and -- most importantly -- does everything it can to get the maximum proceeds back to the artists and artisans in less affluent countries.

Today, I want to write about The Animal Rescue Site. This is one of those "click once a day" sites where sponsors pay for food and care for animals for each click made (and yes, it checks out on Snopes). As you'll see from the tabs across the top of the page, there are also opportunities to click and help fight against Hunger and Breast Cancer, and to help fight for Child Health, Literacy, and Rainforest preservation.

How does this fit in with stocking stuffers and gift ideas? There's also a shop associated with each of these causes, with some really terrific merchandise. For instance, this is one of the cutest mouse pads I've ever seen, and if your cats are anything like mine, it's completely true to life! (I have been at my computer with as many as five cats simultaneously on my lap, wedged behind me on my chair, or on top of my computer desk.) I chose this item in particular because most mouse pads are flexible enough to be rolled up and tied with a ribbon -- instant stocking stuffer! There are many other animal-related products, plus the other causes each have their own shops with appropriate products as well. It's worth checking out, and if you spend a lot of time online, don't forget to go there and click to help out these causes.