Sunday, January 18, 2009

Tweet Needle Felted Love Bird

I'm planning to specifically run Valentine-themed posts from February 1 to February 14, but in the meantime I came across these adorable needle-felted love birds by Etsy seller Feltmeup Designs, and as the seller is in the UK, it made sense to post about them now to allow time for the little birds to fly across the pond to the US, and arrive in time for Valentine's Day. What a perfect gift for your own love bird! I first caught sight of this little pink Tweet with pink hearts, but there are other color combinations that would suit just as well. And don't forget, handmade gifts really come from the heart, so it's doubly appropriate for "heart day".

(And if you really like to plan ahead... isn't this little blue chick just perfect for an Easter basket?)

What: Tweet Needle Felted Love Bird
Where: Feltmeup Designs (an Etsy shop)
How much (as of today's post):
$20.00 (plus shipping)

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