Thursday, September 30, 2010

Zoo Mania Pencil Toppers

I remember loving school supplies as a child, especially brand new school supplies at the start of the school year, like a pencil box to keep in the desk, and new crayons, and a cute little stapler.... And what child doesn't like special decorated pencils, or pencils with cute little toppers? If this is your child, here's an inexpensive stocking stuffer: Zoo Mania Pencil Toppers. They come in all sorts of animals and all sorts of sets. The best part is, you can order amounts that work for you: individual toppers for 50 cents each; a set of five for $1.99. Or if you want to spread these out over the year, or have lots of kids, neighbors' kids, nieces, nephews, etc., you can buy a set of 10 for $3.95, or a bundle of 25 for only $7.99.

I think the only problem will be kids fighting over who gets which one!

What: Zoo Mania Pencil Toppers
Where: Adam's Animals website
How much (as of today's post): $1.99 for set of five (plus shipping)

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