Thursday, May 27, 2010

Kodak Free Photo Magnet

The Saving Cents Together blog put me onto this free photo magnet deal from Kodak Gallery online. The normally $3.99 photo magnet is free with coupon code FREEMAGNET -- all you have to pay is the $1 shipping. This makes a perfect stocking stuffer for the total cost of one dollar -- how often does that happen? And you can get it for anyone: spouse, child, grandparent, boyfriend or girlfriend, and so on.

I mentioned in a post a while back that I always keep photos "on deck" so I can take advantage of such specials as they come up. So I just got a magnet of one of our kitties who has been feeling underrepresented in our family photo-wise. (A few of our cats are extremely photogenic while a few others -- we have many! -- seem to have demon eyes in every picture no matter how we take it. So we tend to have lots of photos of some and hardly any of others.) It's nice because you can also put a name or short caption on the photo magnet.

I have no idea how long this promotion will last, so I suggest taking advantage of it quickly!

What: Kodak Free Photo Magnet
How much (as of today's post): free ($1.00 shipping)

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