Monday, April 19, 2010

Yesterday I posted about crayon banks from, and in looking at that website further, I see tons of things that would make great stocking stuffers:

  • A box of 12 pretty pastel-colored chalks for 39 cents
  • Penguin rubber duckies for 89 cents
  • Alien baby glow putty in eggs for $1.19
  • Pirate finger puppets for 49 cents
  • Fairy tale finger puppets for 55 cents

As with the crayon banks I mentioned yesterday, the only drawback I see is that you may not be able to specify colors or individual items, which makes getting the "dozen" items more attractive so you can be sure of getting the ones you want. Keep in mind, you can always donate extras to a women's shelter where the clients may have small children.

In any case, they certainly have a tremendous variety -- you name it, they seem to have something related. In fact, they have a page listing categories such as dolphins, space, Christmas, Halloween, western, and so on. Essentially, then, PartyPalooza is a lot like the Oriental Trading Company, but I have to admit I'm finding things here I haven't seen there. Like the Oriental Trading Company, you'll do best on prices and shipping if you can find a friend or two to go in with on your order. It's worth a look!

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