Thursday, April 1, 2010

Happy April Fool's Day!

I've been so intent on posting Easter basket stuffers that I forgot all about April Fool's Day until yesterday. So here are some gag gifts appropriate to the day that can also serve as stocking stuffers when the time comes:

  • Frozen Smiles ice cube tray, currently available from Amazon ($7.48) and elsewhere.

  • Bubble Gum Cocktail Wienies from Archie McPhee ($4.95)

  • WTF? Ink Stamp from ($6.99)

  • Equal Measure measuring cup from ($12.99). This measuring cup has geeky units of measure such as "amount of table salt in a large human", "volume of the brain of a Tyrannosaurus Rex", and so on. Perfect for the geeks in your life!

In the meantime, don't let anyone fool you today!

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