Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Dilbert Accomplish-Mints

If you work in one of those offices that can be called a "cube farm", surely you're already familiar with Dilbert. I remember ages ago I had a squishy version of the pointy-haired boss, meant to relieve stress with squeezing. Today's stocking stuffer is a tin of Dilbert Accomplish-Mints. The flavor is "intense peppermint" (think Altoids), and the tagline is "You and Your Co-Workers Can Breathe Easier". The funniest part, to me, is that the mints themselves come in the shape of the characters, including Dilbert, The Boss, Dogbert, and Catbert. So if you ever wanted to bite your boss's head off, here's your chance.

This would make a a great gag gift for co-workers, or a sympathetic stocking stuffer for someone with a stressful work life.

What: Dilbert Accomplish-Mints
Where: Gifts for
How much (as of today's post): $2.95 (plus shipping)

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