Saturday, January 16, 2010

Perpetual Kid Website Winter Clearance Sale

Not all after-holiday sales mean you have to go fight the crowds and stand in long lines. A lot of online retailers are trying to clear their warehouse shelves too, and cutting prices on a lot of merchandise. I happened to be looking at the Perpetual Kid website, and saw their winter clearance sale. In addition to slashed prices, they have coupon codes for 5% off orders over $35 or 10% orders over $100.

But it's actually the slashed prices I'm more interested in. Among the 113 items listed in this section, there are several that would make cute stocking stuffers next year, or small gifts throughout the year. I tend to stay away from any food items, even gum, because I don't want to give people gifts that have gone stale, but there are lots of other options, such as:

  • Set of two "Bombs Away" shot glasses, where the cavity holding the drink is shaped like the tail of an old-fashioned wartime bomb

  • Pickle Bandages or Crime Scene Bandages

  • Christmas Bingo Cards

  • Plant-sized "lawn" ornaments, including a lawn jockey holding a lantern, two different garden gnomes, and a fawn

  • airplane and dinosaur toddler utensils
...and so on. Even if you're not up for buying this far ahead, it's fun looking at any rate!

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AudreyO said...

While I know they're not "stocking stuffers" if you ever find DVD's on sale, please post :) Specifically I'm looking for Law and Order. They're so expensive over at Amazon. Happy Saturday Amy.