Sunday, December 20, 2009

DIY Hot Chocolate Kits

Yesterday I was rather alarmed when my computer started flashing a red and yellow warning at me, saying that it had been infected and all my accounts could be hacked and I should "click here" to fix it. Luckily I knew better than to "click here", but my husband and I are still determining how best to get rid of the virus pretending to be a cure for a virus. So I'm using my husband's laptop for this post. It has a tiny keyboard with no mouse, which I find very hard to use for any length of time, so today's post will be short, and (it feels like to me) a bit of a cheat since it will only be pointing to someone else's stocking stuffer idea. No pictures, even. :-( I feel like I've been electronically crippled!

Anyway, today's post is about Hot Chocolate Kits, which Heidi from the My Paper Crane blog made up for her child's classroom party favors. They're the perfect size for stocking stuffers, and would look lovely sticking up out of the top of the stocking. Basically Heidi used the plastic cone "bags" you use to pipe frosting, and filled them with one serving of hot chocolate mix, plus chocolate chips and mini marshmallows. Then she tied them up with some festive ribbon, and presto! Click here to see the result (scroll down past the little gnomes, which are also adorable). Aren't these hot chocolate kits a perfect last minute stocking stuffer?

What: DIY Hot Chocolate Kits
Where: My Paper Crane blog
How much (as of today's post): (depends how many you make -- they should each be fairly inexpensive when you divide up the cost of the supplies)


Mina said...

mmmmmmmmmm hot chocolate is just so yummy...Have a wonderful Christmas and thank you for taking the time to follow my blog
Mina xxx

AudreyO said...

I love hot chocolate. We just bought a set at Disneyland. Five containers of different flavored hot chocolates.