Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Jungle Buddy Blocks

Ack! Today has gotten off to a rocky start -- I had to go three different places to find my voting precinct. (Texas has early voting and for that you can vote in any location, but not so on actual Election Day. Lesson learned!)

So today's blog candy giveaway post will be later than usual -- but it will be today! In the meantime, here's a bonus stocking stuffer to consider: the Jungle Buddy Blocks from OneStepAhead. This little 3½" x 3½" x 2½" wood box holds four blocks that toddlers match first on color, then arrange to form one of six different jungle animals: zebra, giraffe, elephant, monkey, lion, and buffalo. (Wait a minute -- are there buffalo in the jungles?) These are made from eco-friendly rubberwood, so it's a great choice all around.

I remember my older sister had a set with six blocks, showing six different fairy tale illustrations. I wonder is she still has that anywhere....

I'll be back tonight with the stocking stuffer blog candy giveaway post!

What: Jungle Buddy Blocks
Where: OneStepAhead website
How much (as of today's post): $12.95 (plus shipping)

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