Sunday, November 8, 2009

Japanese Iwako Erasers

My husband travels to Japan a few times a year for work (and I got to go with him once!), and he always brings me back Japanese stickers and little toys and picture books. So I was pleased to come across the Etsy shop Jujubee's Goodies, from which the owner Joy sells the cutest little Japanese erasers that would make absolutely perfect stocking stuffers!

As I'm sure you know, there is nothing that the Japanese can't make into something small and cute, and these erasers are no exception. Among Jujubee's more than 300 erasers for sale are several food items, such as sherbert, milk cartons, shrimp tempura, sliced bread, cookies, sushi, donuts, and more.

If cute food isn't your thing, there are also lots of animal erasers, including bunnies, penguins, dolphins, frogs, bears, and more. There are also some erasers especially suitable for boys, such as helicopters, police cars, and motorcycles. Joy notes that many of the erasers have parts that can be easily separated and put back together, and they even hold jump rings and screw eyes very well, which means you can turn them into backpack danglies or other types of ornaments. The erasers run from 99 cents to $3.99 for some of the more complex ones, like the sliced bread which is really several erasers anyway. There are also some cute sets (donuts, sushi, etc.). Shipping is $3.00 for the first item plus 50 cent for each eraser thereafter, and if you're in the United States and buy more than 5 erasers, you get $6.00 flat shipping for up to 20 erasers total.

Joy's shop also contains other goodies that would work as stocking stuffers, including modern Japanese stickers as well as vintage scratch-n-sniff stickers. Remember those?!

What: Japanese Iwako Erasers
Where: Jujubee's Goodies(an Etsy shop)
How much (as of today's post): $0.99-3.99 (plus shipping)

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Elizabeth said...

Thanks for the stocking stuffer ideas. BTW, awesome blog!! I'm going to follow you. I love to find out what neat little things are out there :)