Sunday, November 29, 2009

Illustrated Necklaces from Boygirlparty

I don't wear a lot of jewelry, but this is exactly the kind I like: unique and unusual with a sense of humor. These illustrated necklaces from Susie Ghahremani of Etsy shop Boygirlparty are original drawings by Susie embossed in cast metal. More specifically, they're brushed antique silvertone (a nickel alloy).

Susie doesn't limit herself to necklaces; her drawings also adorn clothing, note pads, book labels, to do lists, recipe cards, pocket mirrors, signed prints, and more. Many of these items feature the same delightful creatures, giving the opportunity for a themed batch of gifts, several of which are the perfect size for stocking stuffers. If you like the kitty, for instance, you can search on "kitty" in her shop and see all the kitty creations at once. There are lots of owls and other birds, and of course the octopi. I want just about everything I see in her shop!

What: Illustrated Necklaces
Where: Boygirlparty (an Etsy shop)
How much (as of today's post): $22 and up (plus shipping)


Brandy said...

Those are pretty neat!!

Tammy said...

Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog. So glad I got to visit yours. I'm going to have to check out this Etsy store. Those necklaces are so cute.

Mira said...

these are adorable. i love the octopus one the best

boygirlparty said...

thank you so much for the love!