Monday, November 30, 2009

Animal Flash Cards on a Ring

Here are some bright, colorful flash cards on a ring from The Land of Nod, which is worth checking out soon since they currently have free shipping on all of their stocking stuffers. These 26 double-sided animal flash cards are illustrated by Sarah Wilkins, and come on a removable carrying ring. In addition to the animals set, there are also French and Spanish vocabulary sets. The customer reviews are pretty glowing, indicating that the cards are sturdy enough for "our sometimes over-eager little learners." I like the idea of at least one educational -- but still fun! -- stocking stuffer.

For slightly older little ones, there is another set, illustrated by Lisa Perrett, called Rhyme Time, where the front of each card has an image and its word, and the back of the card has three more words that rhyme with the first word.

What: Animal Flash Cards on a Ring
Where: Land of Nod website
How much (as of today's post): $12.95 (shipping is free!)

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