Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Savin' to Quit Bank

We all have days when we can relate to this stocking stuffer: a "Savin' to Quit" bank from the Perpetual Kid website. Made of tin, it measures 3.5 by 4.5 inches, so it's perfect for a stocking. It also makes a fun gag gift for an office Christmas exchange, or a nice stocking stuffer for your spouse if his or her job has become a little stressful for tedious.

On a side note, this reminds me -- if you're saving your loose change, don't forget to get it to the bank every once in a while to earn a little interest, because every little bit helps. We're fortunate in that our credit union has a change counting machine we can use for free. The CoinStar machines you see at the grocery stores have fees, but you can change your coins in for free if you're willing to accept a gift card instead of cash. The available gift cards include Amazon, Starbucks, iTunes, Lowes, and more.

What: Savin' to Quit Bank
Where: Perpetual Kid website
How much (as of today's post): $7.99 (plus shipping)

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