Monday, August 3, 2009

Ninja Star Coat Hook

Here's a stocking stuffer for boys, teens, college students, and even some grown-up (or not so grown-up!) men: a ninja star coat hook. One point of the stars screws into the walls, making it look as if the recipient has narrowly escaped a ninja attack!

According to the Think Geek website, the hooks are made of a strong nickel-plated zinc alloy. The dimensions are 4" x 4" x 0.31", and the screw is permanently attached, so you don't need any hardware of your own. Any boy (or tomboy, for that matter) into martial arts movies or anime would enjoy having this in his room. I think it would be great for dorm rooms, too, as long as they don't have those cinder block walls that I remember....

What: Ninja Star Coat Hook
Where: Think Geek website
How much (as of today's post): $12.99 (plus shipping)

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Janet Strain said...

LOL this is so funny!

Thanks for the comment on my anniversary card. Hehe neither of us has forgotten an anniversary yet... Although our wedding date is the same as my husband's area code (8-4-7) so he has no excuses!