Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Vodka Soaked Cranberries

Yesterday's post was for a Crate & Barrel product and so is today's, because that little "you might also like...." caught my eye at the bottom of the olive cocktail picks page. These Sable & Rosenfeld vodka soaked cranberries, meant to garnish the the "Tipsy Crantini", look like fun. I haven't tried a martini yet because I think they'll be way too strong for me, but when I do, it'll either be an appletini or a crantini -- even though I know true martini connoisseurs are not impressed with the rise of the trendy designer martini!

Even if you're not into martinis, these would be fun in a Sea Breeze cocktail -- that's my sister's favorite! Don't know it? Here's a recipe!

What: Vodka Soaked Cranberries
Where: Crate & Barrel website
How much (as of today's post): $5.95 (plus shipping)

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