Thursday, June 4, 2009

Nature Buddies Animal Pencil Sharpeners

Even though I try to keep a balance in the types and price ranges of stocking stuffers that I post about, it's amazing how easy it is to accidentally drift into posting a batch of higher-priced items, or things that are mostly for women as opposed to men and kids (because a lot of them are things I'd love to have myself!). So today I present a low-priced stocking stuffer for kids: the Nature Buddies animal pencil sharpeners. Assuming kids still use pencils in school (!), these would make great stocking stuffers for a kindergartner or a child in elementary school.

For me, it's no contest: I would choose the panda because it's so cute it should be illegal. Next favorite is the pig. But really, they're all adorable!

At $4.99 apiece, even these are a little higher-priced than I'd like, especially considering shipping costs. But remember, as always, these are just ideas that you may be able to adapt to similar items you can purchase locally. I've also mentioned in a previous post the possibility of going in with like-minded neighbors or friends who also have kids to keep shipping costs down. In any case, I am working on finding even lower-priced or do-it-yourself items to post about more frequently!

What: Nature Buddies Animal Pencil Sharpeners
Where: Pop Deluxe website
How much (as of today's post): $4.99

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