Thursday, May 28, 2009

3-Pack of Natural Hemp Twine for Crafting

If you know a crafter who can never have enough crafting supplies, or an ink stamper who likes to make her or his own cards, these three-packs of natural hemp crafting twine might make a fun and slightly different stocking stuffer. According to the Grass Roots website, which sells environmental products, this hemp is: natural, biodegradable, durable, water-resistant, and chemical free. The description says that the twine can be used for "jewelry, beading, macrame, crochet and more", and I can see it being used to tie ribbons on natural-colored homemade greeting cards or on wrapped packages. I also like the color combinations, shown here from top to bottom:

  • blues
  • yellow, orange, and red
  • purples
  • dark grey, brown, and green
  • black, white, and light grey.

Please note that the Grass Roots company is in Canada, which is great for all the Canadian crafters out there (and I do know there are a zillion of them, because I've been exploring ink stamping and card making blogs lately!). Grass Roots will ship to the United States, but of course that isn't cheap, through no fault of their own. So any Americans who like this idea for a stocking stuffer might be better off looking in the local craft stores for something similar.

What: 3-Pack of Natural Hemp Twine for Crafting
Where: Grass Roots website
How much (as of today's post): $9.99 (plus shipping)

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