Saturday, April 4, 2009

Themed Easter Baskets for Boys

Let's face it, girls are generally easier to buy for than boys. So before I know it, I've posted about dozens of stocking stuffers and gift ideas for girls before I come up with anything for boys. To address that lack, I wanted to post today about themed Easter baskets for boys (or tomboys!), as opposed to all of those cutesy, pastel-colored things that are lining the grocery and drugstore shelves at this time of year. For instance, this soccer ball bank from the Blair Candy website is filled with soccer ball chocolates -- not quite egg-shaped, but maybe close enough? If soccer isn't the thing, they have basketball and baseball banks filled with the appropriate chocolate balls also. And at $6.95, they're not too pricey.

If you want to fill out the Easter basket with other items along the same theme, here is a soccer-playing chocolate Easter bunny (this one's a little on the expensive side, though), and even a roll of personalized address labels featuring a soccer-playing rabbit. A younger boy might like having his own return address labels, and they can be used on schoolbook covers and notebooks and elsewhere.

And even if you don't care for any of these particular ideas, don't give up! Instead, try doing an internet search to put unusual things together, such as "soccer" and "rabbit", or "basketball" and "rabbit". You just never know what will be out there, and before you know it you may have a really unique themed stocking or gift basket -- even one that's suitable for boys!

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