Monday, April 27, 2009

Daily Extra / Follow-up: Jac Zagoory T. Rex (and other) Staple Removers

Just this past Friday, I posted about the Jac Zagoory T. Rex Staple Remover. Over the weekend, I received a very gracious e-mail from Mr. Zagoory thanking me for the post, and giving me some information that helps put the price of the item in context. Mr. Zagoory explains that all of his pieces are made locally in the USA, using high quality pewter (as opposed to many pieces that are made with pewter from the Orient, which can have a high lead content, turning the pewter a dull gray over time). The actual staple remover mechanism is a new design by an American inventor, and the entire piece is hand-assembled and placed in a high-quality gift box that is also made in the USA. So while the staple remover is not inexpensive, I certainly regret calling the price "outrageous" without knowing more about it.

And I'm so glad Mr. Zagoory e-mailed me, because it prompted me to go look at his website. Somehow it just didn't occur to me (I was sick most of last week, and not terribly coherent) that he would have other staple remover designs that would be just as enticing, but he certainly does. Click here to see his bear, lion, shark, gator, elephant, and (my favorite, pictured right) dragon, among others. Mr. Zagoory's website also has his staplers, pen holders, and pens available.

What: Jac Zagoory Staple Removers
Where: Jac Zagoory Designs website
How much (as of today's post): $55.00 (plus shipping)

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