Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Valentine-Themed Tiny Tot Legs

Have you ever heard of tiny tot legs? I'd only heard of this concept recently, although it may not have been called the exact same thing. In any case, these are essentially leg warmers that are not bunched up around the ankles (as used to be trendy in the late 1980s), but rather serve as actual leg warmers/protectors for little ones. I first came across the concept of these leg warmers for toddlers in a parenting blog, where the mother raved about how much easier they made it to change diapers, and how well they protect the knees of toddlers who are crawling all over the floor. Plus, they really do just help keep legs warm! And they aren't likely to get runs in them the way little girls' tights do.

I usually put all my Etsy posts on Sundays, but I was afraid that waiting until next Sunday might make it difficult for anyone to get these in time for Valentine's Day, which would be a pity because seller Honeybee69 has some that are just too perfect for the occasion. There's even a special "Be Mine" heart design (shown above), but any of her heart designs, or even any that come in Valentine-like colors, would work just fine. (I have to admit, I adore her little pink and purple skull-and-crossbones design!) Remember, if you think outside the box, there are far more options out there for interesting, fun, and unique gifts than you ever could have guessed!

What: Valentine-Themed Tiny Tot Legs
Where: Honeybee's Creations (an Etsy shop)
How much (as of today's post):
$7.00 (plus shipping)

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TurtleMommy said...

awesome leg warmers!!!