Saturday, January 3, 2009

Things to Come

Back when I started this blog on November 1, 2008, I suspected I would be having too much fun to stop just because Christmas was over, and I was right. So here is an idea of what you can expect from this blog in the next several months:

  • Fourteen Days of Valentines. From February 1 through February 14, I'll feature all the usual posts (including Etsy, luxury, food, and general essays), but with a Valentine's slant. I know Valentine's Day has a bad rap as an retail-inspired and invented holiday, but I have a soft spot for it because it's my birthday too. And for those who live in wintery regions, I feel like Valentine's Day adds a bright spot just when the winter is starting to feel endless.
  • April Fools! From March 30 to April 1, gag gifts are the rule!
  • Ten Days of Easter. From April 2 to April 11, we'll concentrate on helping the Easter bunny fill baskets instead of helping Santa fill stockings.
  • Moms and Dads. From April 26 to May 9, what stocking-sized gifts can we put together for Mother's Day? Same goes for fathers from June 14 to June 20. (And for the eagle-eyed among you, yes, that's fourteen days for moms and only seven days for dads. Why? Because dads are so much harder to buy for that I may be hard-pressed to come up with that many!)
  • Seven Days of Halloween. I don't really think of Halloween as a gift-giving holiday, but a few little tidbits might be welcome in the trick-or-treat bags.
  • And everything else! In between those days, I'll simply continue with a stocking-stuffer-a-day: small stocking-sized items for next year's Christmas stocking or any other gift-giving occasion that you fancy.
In the meantime, if you have any thoughts or comments on where you'd like to see this blog go, I'm all ears.

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