Friday, December 19, 2008

Juicy Couture Ballet Slippers Charm

It's rare for me to go this "girly", but I really love this ballet slippers charm because it's made with such beautiful attention to detail. I think this would be perfect for the tween or teen girl whose interest in ballet has endured beyond the "I want to wear a tutu!" stage of early childhood. It would also make a thoughtful gift for the adult woman who loves ballet, whether as a dancer or an aficionado. I myself wasn't converted to ballet until in my thirties (I was a soccer-playing tomboy!), and now we have season tickets to the Houston Ballet.

The listing on the Nordstrom site doesn't say anything about a chain, so I assume it doesn't come with one. And at $50, this is definitely a "luxury Friday" item! It's made of 14K gold-plated brass, crystal, enamel, and ribbon. They also have a few shoe charms, such as a black evening slipper, but I don't care for those personally myself. To me, the ballet slippers represent something lovely, an inspiring art form, while the shoes are more for a woman who likes to shop for the sake of shopping. (I admit, I'm baised -- I've never been into shoes the way some women are.)

(Note that today is the last day to order this with standard shipping and still get it in time for Christmas.)

{Update: The availability of this item on the Nordstrom website seems to change on an hourly to daily basis. If it's listed as unavailable at any given time, be sure to check back -- or you might also call a nearby Nordstrom's and ask if they have one on hand that they'll hold for you. It never hurts to try!}

What: Juicy Couture Ballet Slippers Charm
Where: Nordstrom website
How much (as of today's post): $50.00 (plus shipping)

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