Monday, October 25, 2010

Garden "Bon-bons" (not to eat!)

Wow, where did the last week go? I had planned to post every day, but I am teaching a class this semester for the first time, and it swallowed my life? It was only an 8-week course and last week was the last week (!), so I was dealing with grading and anxious students on top of my usual full-time job.

In any case, today I'm back with a stocking stuffer/small gift that looks good enough to eat, but you shouldn't eat it! These Garden "Bon-bons" are actually more like "seed bombs" -- bundles of clay, compost, and seeds that you drop into soil, water, and watch grow. The unique part is the packaging, because the "bon-bons" are made up in a box with little paper candy "cups" just like you'd see in a real box of chocolates. The seed assortment includes 2 basil, 4 parsley, 2 chives, and 2 thyme. These are handmade in the USA.

(Of course, for those of you in winter climates, this might not be the best time of year unless your recipient grows indoor herbs. Or you could just bookmark this for Mother's Day or some other Spring occasion.)

What: Garden "Bon-bons"
Where: Vat19
How much (as of today's post): $15.95 (plus shipping)

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