Friday, February 5, 2010

Baby Bird Utensil Set

While these adorable baby utensils are not cheap, they are also of high enough quality, beauty, and durability to be passed along as family heirlooms for the next generation and the one beyond that. They are hand cast in lead free pewter, and measure 4.75 inches long. They're the perfect stocking stuffer for a baby who is too young to really understand gifts and Christmas yet anyway, but who will come to cherish the items as they grow up. Alternatively they make a lovely small (in size) gift for a baby shower. (I still have the engraved copper piggy bank that an aunt gave to me/my mom when I was born.)

In addition to this "baby bird" set, there is also an ABC/123 set, and a hearts set. The baby birds are my favorite, though.

[NOTE: I first came across this item on the Gifting Gumshoe blog.]

What: Bird Baby Utensil Set
Where: Elsewheres Independent Art & Design
How much (as of today's post): $38.00 (plus shipping)

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