Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Rockstar Drink Charms from Vinyl Records

I would normally post these on a luxury Friday due to the price ($28.00 for set of six), but I really really wanted to post an eco-friendly stocking stuffer today because I'm feeling eco-minded right now. These lovely wine charms -- one each of blue, red, black, pink, green, purple, and pink -- are handmade from old vinyl records with stainless steel charm hoops. I love that they're simply made, and don't consist of some cheap metal or plastic charm with a few colored beads, which is what most wine charms consist of these days.

And why am I feeling eco-minded? Because today my husband and I filled two cars worth of paper for recycling, and drove it to a major recycling center across town. You should have seen our two little cars sandwiched between the semi-trailers full of scrap paper! We recycled a total of 380 pounds of paper on this trip. We do this once or twice a year, taking our newspaper, office paper, junk mail, cereal box cardboard, and so on. Whew! You should see how much roomier our garage looks now!

What: Rockstar Drink Charms from Vinyl Records
Where: BTC Elements
How much (as of today's post): $28.00/set of six (plus shipping)

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TwilaGreen said...

These are awesome! It's items like these and others that have made this years Christmas Stockings the easiest to fill and most fun to unwrap. Thanks so very much for this great blog!