Saturday, December 26, 2009

Free Sheet Music from The Mutopia Project

The day after Christmas is probably the hardest day of the year to come up with an appropriate stocking stuffer post! Presumably we're still so stuffed with turkey and ham and cookies and other Christmas goodies that a post about a food stocking stuffer is right out! And the last thing I want to do is think about shopping today!

In any case, here is something that I've wanted to post about as a possible last minute stocking stuffer, but I hesitated because I haven't quite figured out the file formats that you receive. But now that it's not "last minute", for this year, anyway, you have some time to explore this site and file it away for future reference if you would like. This is The Mutopia Project website, which provides free downloads of sheet music, mostly classical music that is in the public domain, but also some modern and contemporary music that the rights owners have chosen to make available. As of today, The Mutopia Project has 1,628 pieces of music available.

As with other "downloaded" stocking stuffers (digital stamps, free coloring pages, PDF patterns for crafters purchased from Etsy, etc.), you can either print these out and roll them up like a scroll for your recipient's stocking, or load them onto a flash drive for a stocking stuffer that does double duty. As I mentioned, the site takes a little getting used to; pieces may be arranged for voice, piano, string quartet, etc., and there are several file types, many of them zipped. But I still think it's a nice idea for the musician in your life.

What: Free Downloadable Sheet Music
Where: The Mutopia Project
How much (as of today's post): free!

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