Saturday, November 14, 2009

Custom Stockings Handmade by Aimee

More than a year posting about different stocking stuffers every day, so how is it I have not yet posted about Christmas stockings themselves? Well, I now have the perfect excuse to remedy that omission by letting you know about custom stockings handmade by Aimee, who makes:

  • 19-inch custom stockings that reflect the stocking owner's occupation, hobbies, and/or interests (up to 2-3 images incorporated into the design), or a Christmas theme if you prefer;

  • 19-inch custom pet portrait stockings based on your photo; and

  • 28-inch jumbo stockings incorporating 4-5 images.

You choose the size and color (red, burgundy, green, or navy with either a white or cream cuff), hand-cut felt letters or cursive hand-embroidery for the name on the cuff, and your list of what you want incorporated into the design. Aimee then sends a proposed description, you hammer out the details, and viola! You have a beautifully personalized stocking on the way!

Because I only just discovered these stockings, and Aimee does have a waiting list at the moment, I won't be ordering for my husband and myself for this Christmas. This works out just as well, because I've already established my budget for this year, plus I want a little time to think over exactly what to get. Right now, my husband and I are using two store-bought stockings that are certainly pretty enough, but my husband doesn't think they're "us". I also still have my childhood stocking, which my mom decorated with felt cookie cutter shapes, a few jingle bells, and some sequins, but I'd kind of like for my husband and I to have matching stockings.

So sometime early next year, I plan to order stockings that are very us -- something that combines space, science fiction, books, and cats. I'll probably go for the 28-inch stockings so we can have more images, and because I happened to be married to one of those rare husbands who is a very talented and dedicated stocking stuffer. I might as well make sure I have a large stocking for him to fill, don't you think? Really, I'm only trying to be considerate of him! ;-) I will be sure to do a follow-up post to show you the results!

Take a look at the gallery on Aimee's site for some terrific examples of stockings. I have to say, I think the pricing is very reasonable for a beautifully handcrafted stocking that will bring pleasure year after year. The 19-inch stockings are $32 and the 28-inch jumbo stockings are $52. I think they're terrific!

NOTE: I first came across Aimee's stockings on the Everything Up Close blog by Ilissa. She currently has a giveaway, running until November 20, for a make-your-own-stocking kit from Aimee.

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