Saturday, October 3, 2009

Saturday Night at the Ballet

Tonight we are going to see the Houston Ballet. We have season tickets, and I really have come to love it. Thankfully, we are not seeing Elmo and his friend Zoe at the ballet! (Although this does look like a cute board book, alas, it is too large for a stocking, at 7 x 7 inches.)

In any case, it is actually possible to find stocking stuffers at the ballet! In the atrium, they have a little kiosk set up with ballet souvenirs that they sell to support the nonprofit organization. The last time we were there, my husband bought me a little moose-in-tutu ornament, and a black-kitty-in-tutu ornament. They're little tiny stuffed animals with real tulle tutus. I'd hoped to find them online to share with you here, but haven't been able to. So if you go to the ballet or to the theater or symphony, keep an eye out for unusual stocking stuffers you may not be able to find elsewhere!

And enjoy the rest of the weekend!

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