Saturday, October 10, 2009

Dollar Merchandise at Michaels

I'm sure most people who shop for stocking stuffers keep an eye out in the dollar stores, but don't forget that mainstream stores such as Target and Michaels regular keep dollar sections these days, usually towards the front of the store. As with general dollar stores, the selection can be pretty hit and miss. For instance, much of the dollar merchandise at Target tends to look like leftovers made in China. At Michaels, though, the nicely organized dollar items look like Michaels went out and bought them on purpose rather than getting them dumped on them to get rid of.

So what's at Michaels right now for a dollar? Yesterday I found:

  • Notepads in the shape of letters
  • Coasters
  • magnets
  • mini-calendars (the ones that measure about 4 inches square)
  • mini-keychain-calendars (measuring about 1.5 inches square)
  • packets of note cards
  • packets of Christmas cards
  • miniature Christmas tins (which are terrific for stockings!)
  • ink stamps (both clear acrylic and rubber)
  • decorate binder clips

Now, that's just everything I remember off the top of my head -- I'm sure there was more. And another nice thing is that many of the items coordinate with each other, so the design on the magnets might be the same as the design on the binder clips or notepads. That means you can put together a nice little selection of school or office stocking stuffers, for instance.

Where do you like to shop for stocking stuffers?

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cheryl said...

I love the Michael's dollar bins! I often find great items in them - mini punches & stamps are my favorite finds. I never guessed that you could pick up a whole set of mini alphabet stamps (assorted fonts ~ mounted on wooden handles) for a buck!