Sunday, September 20, 2009

Red Shirt Star Trek Cologne

Next week I will get back to the regularly scheduled program of Etsy stocking stuffers on Sundays, but since I just got back from the science fiction convention I was attending this weekend, here is one more stocking stuffer for science fiction geeks: Red Shirt Star Trek Cologne!

If you know much about Star Trek, you'll know that the unnamed extra character in the red shirt is the one who always gets killed to show just how serious the situation is, but without harming one of the main characters. As the Think Geek website advises the brave men considering wearing this cologne, "That's right, you're probably toast, but at least you'll smell good on the way out." The scent itself is described as having notes of "green mandarin, bergamot and a hint of lavender (your hope), finishing with base notes of leather and grey musk (your smoldering shoes after you've been vaporized)." The bottle holds 100 ml, even for several "away missions". So Trekkies, er, Trekkers unite!

What: Red Shirt Star Trek Cologne
Where: Think Geek website
How much (as of today's post): $29.99 (plus shipping)

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