Sunday, September 27, 2009

Pup Cups from Esty Seller "The Lab"

Several of my acquaintances have adopted dogs or puppies recently. With our veritable herd of cats, dogs are currently out of the question for us, but at least I'm able to get my dog fix now and again by visiting friends. Today's Etsy stocking stuffer, perfect for dog lovers, comes from Annie of The Lab shop. These pup cup "sleeves" fit around standard size (15-16 oz.) tin cans, making an eco-friendly holder for pencils, paint brushes, make-up brushes, candy, you name it! Or you can put the sleeve around a glass of the appropriate size and use it for a vase! The result is a holder or vase that looks like it came from an expensive gift shop but that actually costs less than $10.

Each pup cup has a description indicating the type of fabric it's made from. The labs are appliqués that have been cut out by hand and machine-stitched onto the fabric. According to Annie, the edges are "either double folded or have French seams for clean, fray-free edges." I think they're just lovely! And since most dog-related appliqués seem to be of Scotty terriers, it's refreshing to see these labs, which are one of my favorite dog breeds.

Be sure to look through the entire shop, because there's a wide selection of black, yellow, and chocolate labs to choose from. Some are holding flowers in their mouths, others have collars, others are carrying a leash, indicating "please walk me!" There's a wide variety of colors and patterns available, and the shop also has other lab-related merchandise.

What: Pup Cups from Esty Seller "The Lab"
Where: The Lab (an Etsy shop)
How much (as of today's post): $7.00-$9.00 (plus shipping)

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