Sunday, August 16, 2009

Polymer Magnets and Sculptures from joojoo

Etsy seller joojoo is another of those artists whose displays of artwork are as beautiful as the creations themselves. I was first struck by these snail magnets, because their lines are so simple and clean. The fact that they incorporate real shells makes them twice as wonderful. The batch shown above comes in a set of four in a gift box for $28. The rare earth magnets are embedded into the bottom of the polymer clay, which is nice because it means the bottom of the snails lie flat against the metallic surface instead of sticking out an extra half inch.

Exploring joojoo's shop is a treat in itself. The snails are shown in various poses, and there are several other adorable magnet sets: a bird, a koala bear, acorns (including some in "love" colors), and even a tattooed snail, because snails like to express their individuality too! There is also a section in the shop for jewelry, including a lucky gold kitty pendant, and a section of art prints, many of which feature two dimensional versions of the same critters you see elsewhere in the shop.

Along with the magnets, my favorite sections of the shop are the "mini sculpture" and "terrarium darlings" sections. The terrarium darlings are little polymer trees, grass, mushrooms, and other plants you can place in a terrarium to add a spot of color and whimsy. The mini sculptures are beautiful little figures including tropical bunnies, a pink whale, a shy chicken, and more. Many of the figures were photographed in front of appropriate backgrounds, which makes them all the more fun to look at.

What: Polymer Magnets and Sculptures from joojoo
Where: joojoo (an Etsy shop)
How much (as of today's post): price varies

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JooJoo said...

Oh! Thank you so much for featuring my work in your wonderful blog!

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