Friday, August 21, 2009

Jewel Bud Vases

One of my brothers-in-law once sent me a gift from the Red Envelope, and I have to say, it came in one of the most beautiful gift boxes I'd ever seen. And no wonder -- their gift boxes alone are a little on the pricey side! But it's still possible to find good deals there occasionally. Recently I was pleased to find this set of five jewel bud vases on sale for $34.99 (regularly $39.95), which isn't cheap, exactly, but which can make nice and not-too-expensive gifts if you break the set up and spread the cost out over each vase, which would be about $7.00 apiece at this sale price.

Naturally, if you use these as stocking stuffers you'll have to be very careful as they are fragile. But at 2 3/4" high, they're certainly the right size. The set comes with blue, purple, amber, green, and red. If you want to give them to more than one person, you could pair the blue and green together, or the green and red for Christmas.... There are lots of possibilities! I have to say, I do love the simplicity of their lines and the way they seem to glow.

What: Jewel Bud Vases
Where: Red Envelope website
How much (as of today's post): $34.99/set of 5 (plus shipping)

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