Friday, August 7, 2009

Art by the Meter Folding Ruler

Oh dear, just when I thought I couldn't possibly add yet another category of stocking stuffers! Today's "luxury Friday" stocking stuffer is an "Art by the Meter" folding ruler from The Library Shop. It measures in both inches and centimeters, but the interesting part is that one side shows sections of beautiful full-color paintings, while the other side lists artistic movements by epoch, more specifically from "Roman funeral art and mosaics in the first centuries AD through the works of Islamic, Chinese and Mayan art into the Renaissance and on to the modern era." For each work of art pictured, the ruler gives the period and artist, title of the work, and the year of creation.

Closed, the ruler measures 9 inches long. Open, it's two meters (81 inches). It certainly would fit in a stocking, but here's where the new category comes in. I think it would be great for college students taking art courses, or for men and women who truly love art. But it wouldn't be appropriate for all college students, or all men and women. And so now I have a new category: "for art lovers". (I'll have to go back through my posts and see if that applies to any of the other stocking stuffers I've listed!)

Have a great weekend!

What: Art by the Meter Folding Ruler
Where: The Library Shop website
How much (as of today's post): $22.50 (plus shipping)

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