Sunday, July 5, 2009

Set of Sweet Anthem Solid Perfume Samples

Most of us (including me) don't have the slightest idea how perfume is actually made, but I certainly do know that it's an art. And since Etsy is the place for artists, naturally there will be lovely perfumes to be found there.

And what better stocking stuffers than this sampler set of solid perfumes from perfume artisan Meredith Tucker, who runs Etsy shop Sweet Anthem? Solid perfumes are pretty and compact, and they travel easily in a purse or handbag without spilling. This set of four 3ml containers allows you (or your gift recipient!) to try out four of Sweet Anthem's more than twenty choices, such as the "Caroline" scent, which combines ambergris, bergamot, champagne, lemon, oakmoss, sarsparilla, and vanilla. (Doesn't that sound yummy?) Each of the samples are poured, tagged, and labeled by hand.

At a very reasonable $16 for four samples, you can use this set for one or more stockings. If you have two sisters or daughters, you can give them two apiece. If you have three recipients in mind, well, obviously the answer there is to keep the fourth sample for yourself! In any event, with so many scents to choose from (see Sweet Anthem's profile page for a list of scents, ingredients, and a wealth of other information), you can't go wrong.

And I'm thrilled that all of Sweet Anthem's perfumes are vegan, which means they are cruelty-free. The profile page also notes that Meredith uses "ethically and locally sourced ingredients only with a focus on natural and sustainable goods used whenever possible." I love that so many Etsy sellers strive to be eco-friendly.

In any case, be sure to explore her shop thoroughly, because there are all kinds of possibilities besides the solid perfume samples, such as perfume in liquid form, custom perfume orders, scents for guys, and even a do-it-yourself perfume kit. Happy sniffing!

What: Set of Sweet Anthem Solid Perfume Samples
Where: Sweet Anthem Handmade Perfumes (an Etsy shop)
How much (as of today's post): $16 (plus shipping)

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