Saturday, June 20, 2009

"Just for You" Paperweight

Did Father's Day sneak up on you again this year? I was so determined that it wouldn't sneak up on me that I woke up last Sunday and immediately said to my husband, "Don't forget we have to call our fathers for Father's Day today!" Then I realized I was a week early....

But the day is upon us tomorrow, and I wanted to post one last-minute gift possibility. This would be best for a parent-helps-child-make-it kind of gift: a Hallmark/Crayola "Just for You" star paperweight kit. I found this little kit in a Hallmark store, although I unfortunately couldn't find a price tag anywhere on it. (A search of ebay shows one listed for $9.99.) There were only two left, so it's possible these are going to be long gone by the time you read this. Hopefully not, though, and since this can really be adapted for use all year (including, of course, as a stocking stuffer!), if you can't find it today for Father's Day, perhaps it's something you'd like to try to get later for another occasion.

In any case, the kit has three blank star-shapes that can be decorated with the included red, yellow, and blue mini markers, or whatever other markers you have at hand. You then peel the adhesive and attach the drawing or message to the underside of the acrylic star, and presto! You have a personalized paperweight for Dad, or any other recipient. The kit notes that it's suitable for ages 6 and up, but I think with proper supervision you could go younger than that if you wanted.

Another possibility would be to forgo the markers and use this kit to make a photo paperweight. Or, if you can't find this in stores and/or you're crafty anyway, you could probably go to a craft store and find acrylic blocks from which you could fashion a similar paperweight. I'm not sure how the adhesive aspect would work in that case, but then again I'm always amazed at the ingenuity of crafters!

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