Saturday, June 13, 2009

Glass Jar Photo Frames

I can't remember how I happened to stumble across this post at the Photojojo website several months ago, but I thought it was brilliant then and I think it's brilliant now. These are glass jar photo frames, and the post has a step-by-step tutorial for how to make them, although it's really so simple you could probably figure it out yourself from the photo above. I have a number of little odd-sized jars, and I'm just itching to try this out. And naturally, I will have to find seven jars for seven cats....

(Be sure and click on their "extra photos for bloggers" link -- the first one shows an art project using images in Coke bottles. I love how creative people are!)

I do think this can work as a stocking stuffer or a gift-basket stuffer. It's also a great little last minute do-it-yourself project for Mother's Day or Father's Day, especially because a little one can help pick the picture or help put it together for Mommy or Daddy.

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Fay said...

This is so unique....never seen anything like it!