Sunday, June 7, 2009

Felted Bear and Cat Brooches

I'm always drawn to art that incorporates subtle humor with aesthetically pleasing forms, and these felted bear and cat brooches from Etsy seller ememem do just that. They're complete just as they are, but they have the added benefit of being wearable. I've chosen a white bear to show here, but be sure and look at all the bears, which come in pink, emerald green, brown, bright blue, red, gray, violet, yellow.... Each bear is "accessorized" with not too much, not too little, but just the right amount of coordinating pearls or crystals in their paws, or a scarf around their neck. Honestly, my description can't do the bears justice -- go look at them!

There are also a few lovely cat brooches to choose from: white with one black ear, gray with white face, and an all-white cat. Each has a lovely crystal necklace -- and they are necklaces, because everyone knows that cats do not deign to wear collars!

When you look at the photos, you'll notice mysterious little bunnies crowding around their bear and cat friends. They're made of modeling clay and are not for sale, but Em tells me they are very vain and love having their picture taken, so they will insist on hopping into the frame. What can you do? Seriously, though, one of the things that drew me to Em's shop in the first place was the artistic arrangement of the bunnies around the brooches. I know Etsy has advice for its sellers on how to attractively showcase their wares, but Em clearly has already mastered the technique. And that's what I love about Etsy -- the sellers are very talented artists.

Finally, although it's not a stocking stuffer, you must see Em's House of Flying Bears mobile.

What: Felted Bear and Cat Brooches
Where: ememem (an Etsy shop)
How much (as of today's post): $29 (cats); $35 (bears) (plus shipping)

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