Thursday, June 11, 2009

Autism Awareness Necklace

Here is a chance to get a great stocking stuffer for a very low price. This Autism Awareness necklace, normally sold for $14.95 on The Literacy Site website, is now on sale for $3.95 plus shipping. I think it's a great cause, but I also like the necklace for its own sake. I think it would make a great stocking stuffer for anyone who supports the cause of autism awareness, or anyone who just likes puzzles!

The Literacy Site is one of a suite of six groups that have banded together to raise money with online sales. The other five sites are: Hunger, Breast Cancer, Child Health, Rainforest, and Animal Rescue. They also use "click to give," which allows viewers to click in order to send free books (or free food, or free... whatever is appropriate for that cause). has confirmed that this is not a scam; clicking really does get the site's sponsors to contribute money or other items for the respective causes. Snopes does note, however, that these are not technically nonprofit organizations, which I was a little disappointed to learn. Still, I try to make a point of visiting the Animal Rescue Site whenever I think of it, and also using the tabs across the top for each cause, so I can click to give for each of those as well. I've also found a number of wonderful gift items on these sites.

What: Autism Awareness Necklace
Where: The Literacy Site Store website
How much (as of today's post): $3.95 (sale price) (plus shipping)

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