Saturday, May 9, 2009

"Reasons to Love Mom" Scavenger Hunt

I only just came across this box of "The Reasons I Love Mom" truffles from Secret Spoon Sweets. The larger box comes with ten smaller boxes, each of which holds two individually wrapped truffles. In all, there are four each of the following flavors: milk chocolate, Irish Cream, semi-sweet, champagne, and black cherry. There's even a sugar-free version of this gift! But best of all, the ten little boxes come with little sayings about why we love our moms. My favorites from their list are "You considered all my art 'fine art'" and "You let me believe ketchup is a vegetable" (that one really hit home, because as a kid I used to eat ketchup sandwiches, which kind of grosses me out now).

Anyway, I think it would be great fun to hide each of the ten small boxes and have your mom have to hunt for them. Like an Easter egg hunt except for Mother's Day! Of course, it's too late to order this for Mother's Day this year (and at $29.99, it might be beyond some folks' price range anyway), but it occurred to me that anyone could come up with a "do it yourself" version with individually wrapped Lindor truffles or something similar. They don't have to be in separate little boxes; you could just tie a personalized message to each one.

Here are some of the ones I would use:

  • You chauffeured me to countless soccer games.

  • You always ask how I'm doing.

  • You brag about me to your friends.

  • You taught me to love reading.

  • You let me be a tomboy.
What little messages would you send your mom for Mother's Day?

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